How to get there

  • Airport of Preveza (alternative Athens or Thessaloniki)
  • From Preveza by car to Lefkas, direction Nydri and Vassiliki
  • Exit main road at Sivota (37 km from Lefkas town)

General directions

Sivota Bay is situated in the South of Lefkas Island, the Greek island in de Ionian Sea. Lefkas Island is connected to the mainland by a pontoon bridge, so it can be reached by car. This is a great advantage in terms of accessibility, logistics and costs. The visitor has various options to reach its destiny, but all pass Lefkas town.

From Lefkas town the easy way is to take a car or cab and drive approximately 30 minutes on the main road to Vassiliki, passing villages Nydri, Vlicho and Poros, until the exit Sivota appears. This exit cannot be missed. A straight decline towards the bay completes the trip.


To Lefkas

By plane

Lefkas is in close vicinity of the Airport of Preveza (Aktion Airport). In Summer time many tour operators fly regularly to Preveza. In early season the prices are low but the flights less frequent.

Alternative airports include Athens and Thessaloniki. Bus connections to Lefkas are comfortable and low priced. From Athens the trip of approximately 400km takes you on the Peloponnesos along the Gulf of Corinth where it crosses near Patra to the mainland. An interesting tour with lots of sightseeing opportunities; the high way towards Ioania is partly still under construction but the work is progressing well.

From Thessaloniki the trip takes an equal 400 km, but the highway is completed and in less than 5 hours Lefkas can be reached.

By ferry

An interesting alternative is to take the ferry. From Italy various ports operate sailing lines to Igoumenitsa, on a distance of 120 km from Lefkas.

From Lefkas to Sivota

By motorized vehicle

Car rental or scooter rental opportunities are commonly available, either on the various airports or in Lefkas town.

From Lefkas town two directions can be chosen to drive south. The shortest and fastest way to Sivota is on the west-side of the island, along the coast line. From North to South a number of nice villages are being passed. Kariotes, Ligia and Nikiania precede the entry to Nydri, where a by-pass road can be chosen to avoid the crowded village center.

At Steno both roads combine again in the direction of Vassiliki, first to pass the very well enclosed bay of Vlicho. The road then reaches Katachori, where it climbs with a few bends to pass the hills towards the South. A first exit to the bay and village of Poros is passed and the road keeps height with beautiful views on the islands in the South, like Meganisi and Kalamos.

A clear sign on the road announcing Sivota hints to turn left, where a straight road declines towards the sea. Prior to entering Sivota, the destination has been reached.